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6x6 Student Sponsorship Programme

We are delighted to be sponsoring the EnGage Tuition Services UK 6x6 Student Sponsorship Programme.

The Programme, funded by John Francis MEP Limited and delivered by EnGage Tuition Services UK, aims to help students re-engage with their learning and motivate them by providing one-to-one support to students who really need it but may not usually have the opportunity.

This initiative will provide 6 students with a course of 6 one-to-one online lessons each, sponsored by John Francis and taught by a tutor at EnGage, without any cost to the parents/carers of the chosen students. The lessons will cover Maths and/or English depending on the requirements of the students, and students will have the opportunity to speak with their tutor beforehand to plan the lessons and prioritise the subjects in which they would like support.

If you wish to apply for a place on this scheme for yourself, your child, or a family member, please complete the form below

Applications open on 6th April 2021. The deadline for applications is Tuesday 4th May 2021.

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