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John Francis MEP Limited is a dynamic multi-disciplinary consultancy delivering quality professional expertise across a diverse range of sectors. The majority of our consultancy is from RIBA Stages 4 and 5, with both mechanical and electrical contractors producing Construction working drawings and supporting site works along with commissioning management; we believe this makes us unique. We can provide a highly skilled multi-disciplinary professional team with experience. We believe the major strengths we can bring to our clients are: A proactive, collaborative and ‘hands-on’ approach to our service and engagement with Stakeholders and multi-disciplinary design teams

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Our team can be involved in the pre-application planning conversations with the local authority that may be useful at the end of this stage. This initial engagement can help direct the design as early discussions may also enhance the likelihood of the council approving any proposal in a planning application at further stages.

Our team offer a proactive and innovative approach in work taking pride in delivering technical, robust designs in an environmentally sustainable manner. Collaboration work with the broader team to create mechanical, electrical, public health and sustainability design solutions. Verification of the work that must be performed to achieve client’s goals and set the boundaries and the foundation on which project elements are built.

Review information from subcontractors and specialists. Preparing records drawings and as built model. Prepare pre handover defects schedule and building owner’s manual including drawings, test results, certificates, health and safety file.

Energy Statement

It is common practice for Local Planning Authorities to request details of a proposed project’s sustainability credentials via an Energy Statement. The purpose of this document is to guide developers, and the wider project team, on actions they should consider in order to achieve planning condition carbon emissions or energy reduction objectives. For example, can a target be accomplished by applying highly efficient building fabrics, more efficient building services and/or renewable technologies for electricity and heat?

The starting point of the Energy Statement is a baseline of the annual CO2 emissions or energy, and from this develops into proposals of the most suitable fabric first approach and cost-effective solutions of heating, ventilation, lighting and zero-carbon renewable technologies. By applying this document at the inception of a project, the design team have to best opportunity to plan and construct an energy and carbon efficient building.

The London Plan 2021

The CO2 emissions and/or energy targets might vary between different local councils that set out their sustainability policy. For instance, the London Plan, requires a minimum target of 35% reduction greenhouse gas emissions for major developments and allows for any remaining carbon shortfall to be paid as a cash-in-lieu contribution into the local authority's carbon offset fund.

The Energy Strategy aim to demonstrates that the proposed climate change mitigation measures fulfil with London Plan energy policies in accordance with the energy hierarchy: -

  • Be lean - use less energy and manage demand during operation.

  • Be clean - exploit local energy resources (such as secondary heat) and supply energy efficiently and cleanly.

  • Be green - maximise opportunities for renewable energy by producing, storing, and using renewable energy on-site.

  • Be seen - monitor, verify and report on energy performance.


We can offer advice on the design and determine carbon emission saving of your development. If you would like to talk about your Energy Statement and discuss requirements with our energy consultants, please call us on 07436 245102 or fill in the form and we will get back to you shortly.

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